Walter Kalbermatten – Mk1 Consul


Walter hails from Switzerland and his Consul is one of three that he knows that exist there (his is the one on the right).

He has owned the car since 2008 and the last owner (his neighbour) bought the car new as a first car in 1954.

The car has a Five Star Club badge on the front bumper!

This car was a knockdown, and exported to Belgium for assembly originally – the Zephyr steering wheel and heater were standard for export, and the model number is EOTAL (for left hand drive), it currently reads 105,600km on the mileometer.

Basically the car is in original condition, with only the carburettor and exhaust having changed! It also now sports a nice period Ekco radio.

Thanks to Walter for the info, if there are any other owners worldwide (UK too!) who would like their car on this site, then please email us.