David Merry – Mk1 Zephyr Six

David hails from Romford in Essex – and in his words…

I have owned this car since June 2010. Have been giving attention mainly to the restoration of the interior trim over the 2 years. The clutch assembly was replaced last year due to a faulty pressure plate spring, the wing mirrors have been replaced also as they fell apart. Apparently the previous owner from Bury in Lancashire had only put 700 miles on the clock during his 3 years of ownership!

This, I believe has caused several functioning problems i.e. on the drive back there were plumes of blue smoke from the exhaust during deceleration, which have since ceased over the 3500 miles that i have put her through, with a little help from Wynn’s ‘Stop Smoke’ additive on occasion, which has helped to rejuvenate the valve stem seal rubber!?!? (fingers crossed).

The car still has a sticking valve spring on cylinder 5, usually after a cold start, which at the moment frees itself after a short time usually! But all in all, she is a beautiful looking car, drives well, and still achieves 23 mpg on a fair weather day at 56 mph .

I hope this information is of interest to your readers, as I wanted like minded enthusiasts to know that this Zephyr Six is still alive and well.