Mk1 Repros

The Club is now producing a small number of reproduction spares that should come in useful for your restoration, or ongoing maintenance of your car.

We are starting in a small way, and depending on success we will look at reproducing more items as time goes by.

MK1 Hoses 002

The hoses will fit the Mk1 Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac (all variants), and the bottom hoses are also available with the heater fitting aperture.

To start, we have reproduced some top and bottom hoses which are better than the original and new old stock items, as they are made of rubber with about 20% Kevlar reinforcement in the mix, so they have a lengthy service life. All are more or less hand made, and are autoclaved SLOWLY rather than some of the alternative hoses that we have come across which are flashed at high temp and don’t “cook through” correctly.

Prices as follows:

Top Hoses

£18.00 each Plus P&P

Bottom Hoses

£25.00 each Plus P&P

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