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Five Stars is the home of the Ford Mk1 Consul, Mk1 Zephyr &  Mk1 Zodiac owners club and our membership spreads worldwide. The Five Stars website is run in conjunction with a quarterly magazine that is sent out to all our members and that's something very few classic car clubs can boast. 

If you would like a regular copy you will need to Join Us! to avail yourself of all the benefits of being a member of this long standing and highly august body!

We organise club meetings which attract the very finest of this marque including "straight out the factory standard", convertibles, estates, flat-dash, round-dash, LHD, RHD and modified or custom models. 
Please feel free to have a good look around our site and send us your comments by email.
Perhaps you'd like to become a member? well - we'd love to have you on board! You don't need to own a Mk1 - just an appreciation of this fine classic car will do.
However, if you do own a Mk1 please send us a photo and we'll include it in one of our galleries. If you would like to have a small article published about your vehicle, perhaps a restoration project that you have carried out, then please send it to us and we will include it on our site. 
If you require any spares or technical assistance, please check our Suppliers Page, as our Club Officers might not always be able to assist you as promptly as you might like.
Please send us any interesting photographs you have for inclusion on our galleries, especially the rare estate cars, or the very rare Utility or "Ute" vehicles. Please send them by email.
If you are interested in joining the owners club, or if you need any further information, please navigate to the Join Us! page. 
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The Mk1 Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac Owners Club.

Footman James

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